A8 Short personal  narratives, diverse regions and accents

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Andrés Sánchez 2

A8 Andres S. Esmeraldas, Ecuador. 16 sec. Where he’s from, living now in U.S.

A8 Ana, Andalucía, Spain. 20 sec.  Mentions the Andalusan accent, says hers is less strong than most from southern Spain.

A8 Gabi, Mexico. 21 sec. grew up in Mexico city but has lived a long time in North Carolina.  Currently traveling in Spain.


A8 Agustín, Barcelona, Spain.  22 sec. Says he thinks Catalan is more fun than Spanish, speaks with a slight Catalan accent. His hat is not from Barcelona. 

A8 Carlos, Salamanca, Spain. 23 sec. He and his family have always been from Salamanca, pure Salamancans.

A8 Roberto Mamani Mamani, Bolivia.  26 sec.  His parents are Aymaran, part of his culture is Quechua.  He is a recognized artist using cultural themes.

A8 Nohemí, Guatemala.  29 sec.  Describes her village on beautiful Lake Atitlán and its surrounding volcanoes

A8 Juan Manuel, Andalucía, Spain.  32 sec. When and where he was born, lived in Granada 25 years before going to work in Salamanca.


A8. Ada Geraldine, El Salvador. 42 sec.  She finds it strange to feel nervous since, as a newspaper reporter, she interviews people for a living.

A8 Justo Lamas, Argentina. 43 sec.  Description of his neighborhood in Buenos Aires, explains he’s tired after his concert. Information about his concerts can be found on the internet.

A8 Irma, Mexico. 53 sec. Irma, an adult university student with two children, describes various activities offered to celebrate Children’s Day in Querétaro.

A8 Jorge Mario, Colombia.  1 min 30 sec.  Jorge describes life in Duitama, a medium sized town in rural Colombia.