Soy Mamani Mamani, un artista aymara porque mis padres son aymaras.  Mi madre es de Tihuanaco.  Mi padre es de Puerto Costa.  Yo nací en Cochabamba eh…y tengo también parte de quechua por haber nacido en tierra de los quechuas.

aymara: Bolivian indigenous group and language dating back more than 2000 years
parte: part
haber nacido: having been born
tierra: land
quechua: Indigenous people and language of the Inca Empire that stretched from Chile to Ecuador

Look up Roberto Mamani Mamani to see more of his amazing work.

Color code: Green – present indicative, red – preterite one of the past verb forms

1. What are the most interesting aspects of this painting?
2. Why do you think the artist chose to use bright colors?
3. What do you notice about the mountains? What could the faces represent?
4. What do you see above the mountains? How would you interpret this symbol?