Francy, Colombia.  42 sec, forming a new identity in a new society.
Georgina, Dominican Republic. 2:44 sec. The slow, complicated process of legal immigration in the 70’s
Roberto, Cuba. 1:27 sec, reason for leaving Castro’s Cuba, la escuela de campo.  Students required to work in the cane fields in order to continue studying.
Roberto, Cuba. 1:00 sec, When Castro allowed Cubans to migrate, Roberto was one of the first boats and was welcomed by President Carter upon arriving.
Merly, El Salvador pt 1. 1:35 sec, When Merly was eleven, her mother migrated to the U.S. to help with expenses. Her father stayed behind, worked and took care of the family.  Occasional phone conversations and photos didn’t fill the void.
Merly, El Salvador pt 2. 1:17 sec, How her mother made the trip by land,  problems with immigration and finding stable work.
Merley, El Salvador pt 3. 1:26 sec, more about her mother’s trip with a coyote, hunger.  People migrate because even those who manage to graduate from high school can’t find work.
Josefina, El Salvador pt 1. 46 sec, Josefina’s grandmother sent her to the U.S. because she was getting involved with the guerilla.  A drastic change.  She was used to being served, now she had to serve others.
Josefina, El Salvador pt 2.  47 sec,  Her husband preceeded her to the U.S., didn’t know of her involvement with the guerilla. She felt insignificant at first, gradually learned to overcome.
Josefina, El Salvador pt 3.  1:08 sec, Early fears of immigration officials held her back from going to school.  People helped her learn English and begin to blend in.
Josefina, El Salvador pt 4.  56 sec, Began working for two actors whose premature baby inspired her to learn about child development, became interested in courses in Non-Violent Communication.
Josefina, El Salvador pt 5.  56 sec, Now that they’re back visiting El Salvador, her husband wants to stay but she doesn’t.  She has become liberal, especially in terms of dress, than approved by Salvadoran society.
Josefina, El Salvador pt 6. 58 Doesn’t want to make herself rich, wants to promote Non Violent Communication in some of the difficult areas in Los Angeles, helping resolve problems.
Julio P, El Salvador pt 1.  2:06 sec, Traveled as tourists to Guatemala, then into Mexico, the coyote using bribes to resolve any problems with the authorities.
Julio P, El Salvador pt 2.   2:37,   immigrant group dumped off in a rural area to await the next ride.  No food for days, his Boy Scout training helped him find edible things for the group.
Julio P El Salvador pt 3.  2:14 sec, details about the tree leaves, wild fruits and berries they survived on.
Julio P El Salvador pt 4.  3:30 sec, hard trip in a truck trailer, unable to stand, bathroom facilities were plastic baggies, got to the airport in Mexico, DF. where they were given tickets with new I.D’s
Julio P, El Salvador pt 5 .  2:34 sec, remainder of the trip, first impressions of California, met by his cousin and he begins to work and try to learn the language.
Julio P, El Salvador pt 6.  2:49 sec, his life in California without documents is work, work, work, not what he imagined at age 17, returns to El Salvador, becomes a sign painter, something he enjoys.