B3 Anecdotes using preterite & imperfect

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Nayibe Azzad

B3 Nayibe, Honduras.  22 sec.  Where she was born and lived before coming to the U.S. to study

B3 Justo, Argentina.  37 sec.  Travel problems, flight delays, little sleep.

B3 Adelid, Bolivia.  53 sec.  Describes tropical fruit that, when it ferments on the ground, monkeys eat it, get drunk, and are easy to catch.

B3 Ada, El Salvador. 1:14.  Memories and the positive influence of her grandmother.

B3 Carmen, Puerto Rico.  1:41 Humorous story of when, as a student, she took on the role of school chorus director without any knowledge of music.

B3 Mariluxi, Ecuador.  1:50 growing up in a hard-working family, the importance of her grandmother.

B3 Julian, Spain. 1:50. humorous at 8 years old he ran away during his appointment in a woman’s beauty salon, fleeing with his hair only half cut.


B3 Alex, El Salvador. 1:50.  Had serious doubts abouit marriage, then he fell in love.

B3 Jaquelín, Bolivia. 2:26. humorous, loved making doll clothes, cutting them out of the family curtains, tablecloths, and her grandmother’s leather coat.  Now she is a fashion designer.

B3 Andrea, Chile. 2:06.  humorous, fell asleep in a closet for 5 hours while playing hide-and-go-seek, her family thought she had been kidnapped

B3 Nohemi, Guatemala. 2:25.  Shares memories of learning skills a young Mayan woman needs, washing diapers, caring for siblings, weaving.