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B1 Carmen, Puerto Rico. 23 sec.  brief memories of catholic school, nuns and a chorus

B1 María H, Argentina.  42 sec.  Mischief, she and siblings would eat an entire container of milk caramel that was supposed to last weeks

B1 María G, Cuba.  1:03 sec, memories of small childhood home in the country, lots of domentic animals

B8 Catalín, Puerto Rico. 1:21. mischievous students put glue and mtchsticks into classroom door locks to avoid pending tests.

B1 Susana, El Salvador.  1:27 her family’s Christmas traditions in El Salvador.

B1 Javier, Argentina. 1:27.  The appeal of a vacant lot full of abandoned buildings and trash to boys of the neighborhood…girls not allowed.

B1 Ladys, Colombia.  1:29. Memories of peaceful nights under the stars with friends and family, singing, games, beginning to think about the future. 


B1 Carlos, Spain. 1:49. Memories of family evenings in the city, walks in the park, ice cream, playing hide and seek.


B1 Belén, Spain. Memories from her childhood in a small town in Spain.  Late-night mischief with her brothers.