A6 Professions and occupations

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Cura párroco el Perquín 1

A6 Cura párroco, El Salvador.  10 sec, sacerdote belga

A6 Walter Durán, El Salvador. 12 sec. abogado y diputado en la Asamblea Legislativa

A6 Pedro Juan Gutiérrez, Cuba.  16 sec. pintor, autor, periodista

A6 Luis Gali, Peru.  17 sec. actor, profesor, abogado

A6 Matilde A, El Salvador.  18 sec, promotes cultural activities for youth


A6 Carlos P, Colombia.  18 sec, industrial engineer, mechanical engineer

A6 Miguel Ángel, El Salvador. 20 sec. university professor, science of education, life-long student


A6 Jesenia M, El Salvador. 22 sec, dental assistant


A6 Patricia Silva, Mexico.  27 sec.  Professor of

      Literature, history, and Spanish for Spanish speakers and non-Spanish speakers

A6 Berta Alicia, Mexico.  42 sec. Teaches Spanish language and literature and French.

     Her father is a doctor, her mother a housekeeper, brothers in administration and engineering. 

A6 Ana C, Spain.  58 sec. Differences in university programs Spain and US, no “electives”

           – recreational activities, music theater, art available only as part of a specific degree.